Pre-writing Practice with Cute Green Frogs

Enjoy these pre-writing practice worksheets with cute green frogs. Have your preschooler follow the dotted line to connect the frog on the left with his friend on the right.


Download all the Cute Green Frog worksheets

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Letter Writing Practice for Preschoolers

Check out this set of letter practice worksheets.  Each worksheet contains both the upper and lower case version of the letter. To keep your children interested, ask them to color the picture after practicing the letter.

Download all letter practice worksheets

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Christmas Themed Worksheets for Pre-K

Here are four basic Christmas themed activity worksheets.

Color the Christmas lights

Christmas tree color by number

Which one is different?

Which one is tallest?

This is a Christmas themed prewriting practice worksheet set.  There are eight different worksheets included.

Christmas prewriting practice

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How to use blend ladders

The two main goals when using these blend ladders is to:

  1. teach the short vowel sounds.
  2. instill that vowels are the most important part of the word.

Always have your child start by saying the vowel sounds first.  Use a pencil or other pointer to guide your child’s eyes to the vowels. You are teaching that vowels are the most important part of the word by saying them first.

Go down the ladder through all five vowel sounds. If your child needs to take it a little slower just focus on one sound for the whole day.  Once your child has said the correct vowel sound, have them say the consonant sound.

Example of short vowel sounds:  When using the B ladder, the vowels should make sounds as in the words

  • bag
  • beg
  • big
  • bog
  • bug

Finally you will put the two sounds together. Use your pointer in a left to right motion and have your child read the two sounds together.


After your child has mastered all the sounds you can start adding another consonant to the end. We recommend that you cut out these blend ladders and laminate each one. You can then use a dry erase marker to add letters to the end of each blend. Now your child can start reading CVC (Consonant – vowel – consonant) words.

Here is a list of example CVC words:

Download all blend ladders

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Teach your preschooler to write numbers

Practice writing numbers for preschoolers

These worksheets are a great way for kids to start learning their numbers. Print out the worksheets. Practice writing the number, then color the picture.  You can download all the numbers here.

Practice writing the number one

Practice writing the number two

Practice writing the number three

Practice writing the number four

Practice writing the number five


Practice writing the number six

Practice writing the number seven

Practice writing the number eight

Practice writing the number nine

Download all number worksheets

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